Cirque d’Soleil - CODAworx

Cirque d’Soleil

Submitted by ARTPark Australia

Client: Cirque d'Soleil

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $258,350

Project Team

Art Consultant

Nigel Messenger



Jenn Mashado



Andrew Rogers


To provide a statement artwork for the client Montreal headquarters. Andrew Rogers was selected, and his signature work 'Rhythms of Life' – a piece placed on every continent on the globe was chosen. 'Rhythms of Life' is mode of Silicon Bronze with a Blackened Silver Patina, 500x290cm


This project was derived from the desire to be apart of this artist global placement of a meaningful form and the recognition of the innate meaning behind the work. It was a passion for art and the desire to obtain the more significant works of the present generation of global artisans the lead to the commissioning of this major work.


By the continual presentation of high quality sculptural work on the website we can offer the broadest selection of significant Australian sculptors that can conceive, supply and deliver creative monumental work efficiently. ARTPark Australia communicates with the client to ascertain their unique requirements and offers the technical support to facilitate the most appropriate outcomes for those client specific needs and desires. We assist in all aspect from the initial selection through to the placement options and the delivery worldwide, via our global logistic partner Grace Worldwide Removals, and the installation with engineered specific mounts and footings.