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Circulo de bellas artes tenerife

Submitted by Whirleytimes

Client: Circulo de bellas artes tenerife

Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $10,500

Project Team


Shirley Wintsch



Waldo Vinces

Mvw art


Colors by Shirley Wintsch is a contemporary abstract art piece painted on the facade of one of the first contemporary art cultural center's in Tenerife. The facade is 17 meters tall and 10 meters wide. The structure and location of the building required permits and a scaldfold to access the wall. The project was painted in 5days. Shirley Wintsch is an American Spanish contemporary artist and the intention was to enlighten the city of Santa Cruz to murals.


To embeautify the facade of the contemporary cultural art center, cirlculo de bellas artes in the city center of Santa Cruz of Tenerife. The building being 100 years old and designed by an estimated architect required permits and treatment. To get these permits the architectural Canary Islands commission had to be enlightened and conviced. The capital was raised adding 3 sponsors to the project. . Overall the project was created in a safe productive manner. Today pedestrians love the mural and comment on it. The wall calls people into the city center to view the current exhibits.


Shirley Wintsch created preliminary plans , renderings and budget for the colors project. A company placed the scaffold and prepared the wall for the mural and 5 days later Shirley Wintsch and her assistant finalized painting the project.

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