Circular Digital Water Curtain at The Pointe. Bahamas. - CODAworx

Circular Digital Water Curtain at The Pointe. Bahamas.

Submitted by Lumiartecnia Internacional

Client: CCA South America

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Juan Carretero

Lumiartecnia Internacional

Roland Hernandez

Aqua Reign


The Pointe is a benchmark tourist destination and upscale lifestyle, residential and retail development over seven acres of Nassau’s waterfront to the west of the British Colonial Hilton, including a 155 hotel rooms in Margaritaville Beach Resort, 129 One Particular Harbour Private Residences, The Pointe Marina with a private yacht club.


The main goal was to integrate the Digital Water Curtain to fit into the circular roman temple's entablature and conceal all the piping and wiring through the peristyles so the overall look of this installation shows the water pouring down from inside the monument. This was achieved thanks to the adpatable technology of Lumiartecnia's Digital Water Curtains which allow to create any shape to be adapted in any existing architecture and blend it with the surrounding architecture.


In the main roundabout of the complex, in front of the Margariteville Hotel, the classical style temple, integrates a circular digital water curtain. This original entrance portico is walkable by traversing the circular colonnade while surrounded by the changing water forms which write welcoming messages to the visitors of this unique place, set in one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world.

Additional Information

At night it is a spectacle to see the architectural complex with the rich multi-color LED lighting while the circular digital water curtain creates flowing dynamic forms continuously enlivening the luxurious surroundings of which it has become an icon and a favorite landmark of this unique touristic and vacational development.