Church of the Holy Spirit - CODAworx

Church of the Holy Spirit

Submitted by Artsphere Consulting, LLC

Client: Archdiocese of New York

Location: Cortlandt Manor, NY, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $37,500

Project Team


Seung-hee Son

HK Stained Glass Co., Ltd.


Garrett McCarthy

Art Consultant

James Hundt

Artsphere Consulting, LLC

Art Consultant

Ted Lutz

Artsphere Consulting, LLC


The parishioners of this Westchester County parish enjoyed the community aspect of their worship experience but they felt that their current worship environment did nothing to enhance their worship experience, nor did it do anything to pass on the rich tradition of Catholic art and architecture to their children. The parishioners were ready for a worship space that, in the words of Built of Living Stones (§44) is “expressive of the dignified beauty of God’s holy people who gather there and the sacred rites they celebrate.”


We recognized that sacred art was an important part of the Catholic tradition. If we were going to include art as part of the project, we did not want it to be anything


As we were working with artists from all over the world, our company served as the liaison between the artists and the client, making sure that the client's needs were being met and that all the artwork was coordinated with the design & construction. Our company provided research on St. Zeno to guide the artists working on the statue and the backdrop.

Additional Information

The renovation of the existing worship space completely transformed the space from its previous cold, dark character to one that is warm, inviting and of the highest quality. The original mosaic artwork and carved wood statues helped to carry on the rich tradition of Catholic art. The statue has been particularly popular with children. They love to stand next to and interact with St. Zeno.