Chromasphere - CODAworx


Submitted by Clayton Binkley

Client: Spokane Public Facilities District

Location: Spokane, WA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $115,000

Project Team

artist collaborator

Taiji Miyasaka

project manager

Karen Mobley


Chromasphere, a collaboration between Clayton Binkley and Taiji Miyasaka, is inspired by the natural and geological forms in Spokane and the surrounding area. The shape, color and texture of the pieces reference the site and the Spokane Valley that was carved out of the landscape during the Missoula flood. We translated our impressions into abstract geometric forms suspended overhead creating a new skyscape within the building. The sculptures are assembled from hexagonal western red cedar frames that are stacked and rotated to create the suspended forms In these forms, we explored the use of the use of multi-resolution texture to allow different experiences to viewers seeing the work from different scales and distances.
The forms are internally colored and subtly illuminated using LED lights installed in hidden coves at the base of each sculpture. The lighting makes them visible at night from the surrounding cityscape and provides viewers on the ground a perceptual connection to the pieces during the day. The white light within the sculptures is internally reflected to pick up the color of the form’s inner surface causing them to glow with colored light and stand out against the neutral background of the lobby.


The project goals were to activate the atrium space of the building. It was important that the pieces were of a scale that they could hold their own in the expansive atrium and also become a visible and featured element of the building when viewed from the park, river-walk and bridges adjacent to the building's site.


Clayton Binkley and Taiji Miyasaka collaboratively developed all aspects of the pieces and with a small group of assistants carried out the fabrication and installation of the work. We were selected for the project after construction had already started on the building so clear and rapid coordination with the owner, architect and contractor was required to facilitate installing and lighting the project.