Chief Blue Jacket - CODAworx

Chief Blue Jacket

Submitted by Sayaka Ganz

Client: Blue Jacket, Inc.

Location: Fort Wayne, IN, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team


Aleksandr Bogun


Rose Pengelly


Nate Morris


“Chief Blue Jacket” sculpture represents the Shawnee war chief Blue Jacket who lived in the Ohio Country and was respected as a great leader whose quietly charismatic and diplomatic demeanor united several different Native American tribes to fight together to defend their land and achieve a great unexpected victory over the American expedition led by St. Clair. This sculpture was designed with attention to historical accuracy with input from the descendants of the chief, the Bluejacket family, most of whom now reside in Bluejacket, OK.


This is the key branding and inspirational icon of their organization. They commissioned me to create the sculpture, and they re-designed the landscaping in the street-facing front lawn area of their campus around this sculpture.


In designing and fleshing out the characteristics and details of the figure I collaborated with the descendants of Chief Blue Jacket to make sure that I made it as historically accurate as possible and culturally acceptable to the tribe. They were not only helpful and gracious, but also excited about the project. A group of 15 descendants traveled, most of them from Oklahoma, to attend the ribbon cutting of the sculpture and they have become friends of my client and his organization.
I collaborated with my client and his team of landscape designers and concrete contractor for the logistical aspect of installing the sculpture.