Chalkboard Restaurant - CODAworx

Chalkboard Restaurant

Submitted by Steve Lopes

Client: Macfee design

Location: Healdsburg, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Steve Lopes

Steve Lopes Blacksmith

Interior Designer

Catherine Macfee

Macfee Design


A remodel of an older building in California’s wine country to include a more contemporary visual feel to the room, blending classic and contemporary design elements.


The room design theme coloring was black and white with natural element high lights. The black steel work wanted to show process; the hand work it took to get the texture of the gates and wing walls and sconces


Macfee Design approached me with the desire to use some ideas I've had with forging layers of steel mesh along with their own ideas to enhance the black/white theme of the restaurant. Mock ups and texture pieces we made were sent back and forth to assure the finished product was what everyone wanted.

Additional Information

It was a pleasure to work with Nordby Contruction of Santa Rosa, Ca on the project