CannonBall!!! - CODAworx


Submitted by Trevor O'Tool

Client: Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden

Location: Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Trevor O'Tool

otool studios


Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden



Imagine the exhilaration and joy generated by a child yelling “cannonball!” as they are about to jump into a resort swimming pool. Now consider the thrill created by an anthropomorphic Indian rhino in a familiar cannonball position poised to plunge into the lobby of the Oklahoma City Zoo’s executive offices. Wouldn’t the elation be similar for a rhino staying at a zoo, which in reality, is a luxury animal hotel? It undoubtedly supports what experts use to describe a trait often noted in the Indian rhino’s personality – explosive belligerence. And if you are really quiet and dream big, you might even hear…“cannonball!”

7ft x7ft x4ft


The main goal was to create something that would be unique and put a smile on the faces of visitors to the zoo. Once that was established the integration all fell into place.


Using the lost wax casting process to develop this sculpture, we went through multiple steps to get to the final stages you see here. Beginning with the sculpting which then led to being molded, from there we could pour a wax copy of the original. Shortly after that, a silica shell was built around the wax to give a void for the aluminum to be poured into. Lastly, the construction/welding of the different pieces gives them the familiar rhino shape seen in the end result.