Caminar Con Luz - CODAworx

Caminar Con Luz

Submitted by Willco Art and Design Inc.

Client: Santa Fe Public Art

Location: Santa Fe, NM, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $4,300,000

Project Team


Chrissie Orr

Public Art Agent

Debra Garcia Y Gregio

Sant Fe Public Art Commission


Leroy Pacheco

City of Santa Fe


Laurie Lundquist

Willco Art and Design Inc.

Landscape Architect

Solange Serquis

Serquis & Associates

Industry Resource

Danny Parsons

Vital Consulting Group


Acequia Trail Underpass is a spacious light filled passage way developed in collaboration with Santa Fe artist, Chrissie Orr. Illuminated ribs are fabricated from steel with translucent polycarbonate panels. Light pours in through the median skylight with a flash of intense Cobalt blue. Dimensions: 10' height, 24' wide, 100' length


Light/Luz is the essential ingredient of the artwork for the St Francis Drive underpass.   At the early community design charrette the idea of walking into a lantern emerged and captured our imaginations. We wanted to create a spacious light filled passage way that would feel safe and inviting any time of day or night. We worked as a team drawing and redrawing shapes of the interior space until we settled on an asymmetrical “Fibonacci” spiral.  The illuminated rib concept arose as a means to achieve both the spiral opening and lantern effect. Each rib consists of a steel frame with a backlit translucent panel. We celebrate light pouring in through the median skylight with a flash of intense cobalt blue and dozens of light icicles suspended in the central atrium. This centralspace is one for reflection and pausing as we bring back the connectivity of our community.


The Artist Team: Laurie Lundquist and Chrissie Orr worked with the City of Santa Fe, Project lead, Rich Rotto from Louis Berger and landscape architects Solange Serquis and Israel Muñoz from Serquis Associates. The process of gaining public approval for this major undertaking was a bit contentious, the artists concept of an engaging light project garnered trust from the residents. The project was realized by Albuquerque based contractor: Vital Consulting Group

Additional Information

The underpass serves people coming and going from the Railyard Arts district, nearby homeless shelter and The New Mexico School of the Deaf. Polished metal plates secured to the ribs that serve as reflectors for light as well as mirrors so those passing through can see what’s behind them.  Steel bird shapes along the walls refer directly to St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of Santa Fe, known for his compassion, love of all animals and natural elements. St Francis is often portrayed with birds, helping those in need or walking through the rain.