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C r o o k e d M i r r o r s

Submitted by Igor Dobrowolski


Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Igor Dobrowolski

Igor Dobrowolski


Krystian Dobrowolski


The basis of the works is an aluminum and wooden frame on which an aluminum plate is attached.

The forms on the work are made of solid resin.
Each work has unique drawings and inscriptions curved out.
Large works (180 x 130 or bigger) have attached natural quartz crystals.

The final step is a complicated process of covering the work with liquid silver (sterling silver), then covering it with a transparent color, and closing the entire process with a colorless varnish to strengthen the work against abrasions.
“Crooked Mirrors” collection are dripping with gold, giving a deceptive impression; however, Crooked mirror’s works touch on complex topics, social inequalities, refugee crisis, global warming, addiction, and injustice that most often affects the most vulnerable in this world.
The crooked mirror works are covered with precious metal like sterling silver, they look costly, much splendor, but after touching the works, you have a slightly plastic impression that describes our system and part of the culture in an abstract way.


Text below of psychotherapist Dr. Gabor Mate, which in part, inspired the "Crooked Mirror" collection.

"How can you do it to yourself?
How can you inject this terrible substance into your body that may kill you? But look what we are doing to the earth pumping all kinds of things to the ocean to the atmosphere and the environment; that is killing us, that is killing the earth. Wich addiction is more significant, oil, to consumerism, which causes the greater harm, and yet we judge the drug addict because we see there are just like us, and we don't like that (reflection), and we say you are different from us you worst then we are.''
-Gabor Maté


Sterling silver, aluminum resin, quartz crystals.