Butterfly Gate - CODAworx

Butterfly Gate

Submitted by Jay Stargaard

Client: Rick and Kathy Nefzger

Location: Auburn, CA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $17,000

Project Team


Rick and Kathy Nefzger

Industry Resource

Patric McLellan

McLellan Blacksmithing


Jay Stargaard


Butterfly Gate is hand-crafted bronze 6' x 41″ x 9″, and double sided with the exterior butterfly bronze and the interior butterfly copper. The veining on the bronze butterfly is stainless steel, the color patina.


This gateway was built to create connection between multiple structures on site. The gate intention is to soften the experience of the transition between work and home upon entry. The gentle organic lines play with delight as the two forms, although independent representing his and her, fly together on the same trajectory.


Rick and Kathy asked for a gate that would "Wow" them as they gave me a tour of their space. I presented them with three options, during our second meet at my studio, where they choose the butterfly style. The gate was delivered and installed in cooperation with their contractor ahead of schedule and on budget.