BruumRuum! - CODAworx


Submitted by artec3 Studio

Client: Ajuntament de Barcelona, BIM/SA

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


David Torrents

Industry Resource

Rebeca Sanchez



Maurice Ginés

artec3 Studio


BruumRuum! is a permanent interactive installation in the Plaça de les Glories next to the DHUB design museum and Jean Nouvelle’s AGBAR Tower in Barcelona.

The installation combines color and sound through 550 inground linear luminaires embedded in a 3,300sqm area. The LEDs react to the intensity of voices and the ambient sound that the city generates using sensors that have been installed around the plaza.

The installation offers visitors the possibility to establish a dialogue with the public space, inviting everyone to join in, young and old alike, providing them with an enjoyable moment during their walk.

In short, BruumRuum! is a game that fills the night with content, a huge equaliser to gauge the intensity of the sound colors of city life.