Bronze Octopus Water Feature - CODAworx

Bronze Octopus Water Feature

Submitted by Pierre Riche Art

Client: Private Resident

Location: Morgan Hill, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $65,000

Project Team


Pierre Riche

Pierre Riche Art


Bronze octopus water feature sculpted to contour rock. Aprox. 10' W. x 6' H. x 4' D.


The goal here was to create A natural looking Octopus sculpture that distributes the water to flow over the rock. The artwork was designed to fit the rock and channel the water from a previously drilled hole in the rock. Before the sculpture was installed, the water flowing only on one side of the rock and forcefully splashing out of the surrounding pool below. Now the water is pumped through a hidden manifold in the octopus body and directed through all eight octopus legs. The water then is carried through the hollow octopus legs and seeps out of holes near the tentacles to create water all over the rock. not just one side but all over the rock.


The client was the first and foremost collaborator. His vision was to find a clever and visually stimulating, dynamic, exciting and artistic way to solve a problem. That problem being to channel the water over the rock in an aesthetic way. He is a big fan of octopuses. As we first met and thought about what to create it was a mutual inspiration to use that animal to work with. The other collaborator was Sean Of Bronze Works Inc. his bronze casting expertise and advise made casting this project in bronze a reality.

Additional Information

Most of my sculpting is done in my studio but this project required extensive on site wax modeling work. The whole process was allot different than how i usually work from the materials to the process to the logistics of sculpting around a pre-existing object. Not to mention the water feature function. It was a new challenge that turned out to be successful.