Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling - CODAworx

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

Submitted by Katie McIntyre


Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Katie McIntyre

Katie McIntyre Studio





This piece was created to celebrate the breaking of the glass ceiling, it is a piece dedicated to all the women across different industries that have created a genuine legacy of empowerment. The tools to create this were highly technical tools, both in the digital and physical realm, CNC, Z-brush, CAD modeling. It was created in this way in order to celebrate the legacy of women in the STEM fields who have fought for representation, leadership roles, and influence in our world. The model is covered in nature, symbolizing the power of mother earth and the connection to the divine feminine that we find in nature. This connection and respect for the earth is a central component to break the glass ceiling. The piece was inspired by the heroes of ancient Greece and Rome who were celebrated in similar figurative sculptures. This piece allows the woman to embody the role of the hero, triumphing over previous oppression in the past.


The goals of this work is to invite inspiration and hope to the women audience who still struggle in this position to break the glass ceiling as well as invite the wider audience to understand the power structures that still plague our earth cause disparities amongst us, inviting action and change for equality.