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Borracha Mexican Cantina

Submitted by Studio Munge

Client: Clique Hospitality

Location: Henderson, NV, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Oscar Flores

Oscar Flores

Interior Designer

Studio Munge


A rotunda located in the heart of metamorphosing Green Valley Ranch Resort, Borracha Mexican Cantina is one of latest additions into Clique Hospitality’s portfolio of Vegas Hot Spots. Pairing once again with Studio Munge, the group introduces the Fiesta concept to the resort by infusing the bustling venue with a playful, fashion-forward Day of the Dead theme. With talented Mexico native artist Oscar Flores, aspirations for an authentic yet contemporary dining experience were achieved. Sugar skulls and Aztec Gods adorn the space, celebrating craftsmanship and culture, all while creating a mesmerizing atmosphere for tacos and tequila aficionados alike.


Commissioning Mexico native artist Oscar Flores to create original artwork was fundamental in Borracha’s design. Integrating his talents would solidify Studio Munge’s aspirations for a contemporary yet authentic dining experience. The overall interior design was created to highlight the colourful mural which dances across the restaurant’s matte black wall and pillars. The mural also aimed to personify the chef’s signature craft and express the soulful design concept.


The collaboration began with first immersing Flores into the vision of the project. Very early in the partnership, it was communicated that authenticity was paramount and the piece should animate the energy of the Day of the Dead theme. In complete support of his imaginative spirt, Flores was given the freedom to interpret the concept within his unique style. The result, a classic story of good and evil and the creation of man depicting eagles and snakes battling around Aztec Gods in metallic shades of copper, silver and gold.