Bookshelves - CODAworx


Submitted by Sergey Konstantinov

Client: private residence

Location: San Francisco, USA

Completion date: 1999

Project Team


Sergey Konstantinov


Ann Getty


I designed a composition of two bookshelves side-by-side in a diptych style. 18/43 in oil on board with 24 karat gold frame. Each bookshelf is divided into four parts, exhibiting disciplines of the humanities: theatre and drama, and originate from Greek Mythology. I sketched the masks to determine the placement of the comedy and tragedy characters. The delicate art of blue and white Porcelain Delft pottery is displayed below the literary works.


The creative proposal for this painted mural originated from Ann Getty who wanted a painting of a bookshelf. Old but precious books line the middle shelves, with each book presenting a title of Getty's favorite author.