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Boardwalk Trellis and Art Installations

Client: Private

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team



Tecture Design and Fabrication



Tecture Design and Fabrication


These art installations were developed from the human experience in nature and how art can mimic that interaction between human and nature. It has three components: The Tunnel Vision Trellis, the Cloudscape Art Installation, and the Thunderstruck Art Installation.


Tunnel Vision was inspired by the ubiquitous tree shaded rural roads found in forested regions across the globe. There is profound beauty in the way that tree canopies seam together to create tunnels through the forests, leaving roads dappled in filtered light. Framing and accentuating this outcrop of land, Tunnel Vision highlights views of Palomar Mountain and beyond. This piece was created from custom bent structural arches clad in a gradiated density of wood striations.

Cloudscape attempts to distill the essence of a cloud into corporeal materials. The fleeting and intangible nature of clouds provided a unique opportunity to display their underlying form in static wonder. Created from 1,200 amorphous discs suspended on corresponding stainless steel threads, the materials give a sense of subtlety and weightlessness to the piece.

Thunderstruck was inspired by the event of lightning striking a tree. It is an expression of the electric currents penetrating through the tissue of a tree to create fractal patterned burns. Here, the burn marks have been filled with tinted resin material to preserve the moment of intense electrical energy.