Blown glass group on 42' hospital curved wall - CODAworx

Blown glass group on 42′ hospital curved wall

Submitted by Willsea-O'Brien Glass

Client: Private

Location: Memphis, TN, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Paul Willsea/Carol O'Brien

Willsea-O'Brien Glass

Gallery owner and rep.

Pat Brown

T. Clifton Fine Art


Blown glass wall group mounted to 42′ curved wall in hospital hallway. Large conference/lecture room with glass wall opposite art work. The artwork is experienced at low angle walking through the hallway with an interesting play of shape and color and colored shadows from the directed light fixtures. The work can be experienced as a whole from the conference room.


The art is in a children's research hospital. It was important to the Hospital administrators to bring beauty and inspiration for creative thinking through art. Our goal was to create something in a group that has a sense of unity by each piece relating to the whole through color shape and rhythmic order.


We are a husband and wife team who design and create together. We were presented the project through our gallery representative in Memphis who was commissioned to source art for multiple wall spaces. We submitted a sample group of five pieces and drawn renderings which were presented by our representative and approved. Artwork was installed by the artist.

Additional Information

This style of work can be mounted to fit different spaces and dimensions. In this setting we made the pieces to become larger towards the center to create a relationship with the deepest part of the wall curve. The color work is made in a layered solid cylinder which is then cut into cross sections. Each section is then blown into an open form. That is the way that the sense of unity is created and color can shift in value and proportion through the group without losing the overall sense of a unified whole that moves rhythmically through the space.