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Blessings On The Wing

Submitted by Rene Heider

Client: Boone Hospital Center

Location: Columbia, MO, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Rene Heider

H & P Consultants


Sonya Nicholson

Sonya Nicholson

Interior Designer

Katlyn Hays

Boone Hospital Nifong Medical Plaza


When Boone Hospital opened up a new facility in January of 2016 they wanted a focal piece for their entryway. The area is 20’ in diameter with 25’ceilings. The artwork needed to be viewed from many different angles and heights. H & P Consultants presented to an Artistic Oversight Committee seven different options for the space. Each option was a different artist and medium. They all created a small scale model for the committee to view. In the end origami artist Sonya Nicholson ‘s “Blessings On The Wing” was born.


The goal for integrating commission artwork into the space was to create an interactive piece that had movement, depth and brought nature indoors. The artwork needed to span two stories and the artist wanted it to reflect nature. The artist vision for the mobile was to incorporate the natural light and also mimic the curve of staircase. At the top of the mobile it starts out in tones of blue like the sky and then progresses down to green like the grass. The artist also incorporated beads on the filament so the light would reflect off of the beads as to create a sparkle affect. The art committee was adamant about using a local artist to create this sculpture. We wanted the artwork to feel as if it belonged in the space not an after thought.


The collaboration process between the artists, designer and the art consultant started on day one. We met to discuss the goals of the project. We wanted to make sure it was going to fill the space with color and make sure the scale of the piece worked with the space. Lastly we wanted to make sure it was illuminated properly. We coordinated with the builder at the very beginning to install hardware in the ceiling so the artwork would be able to rotate. In the end we also collaborated the final install with the builder.

Additional Information

The mobile is made up of 400 origami cranes with the wing span ranging in size from 8”-12”. Sonya wanted the cranes to be recognizable when viewed from a distance. The artist found inspiration in the white branches of sycamore trees against the blue sky. The uplifting sight of the tall native trees seemed a natural fit for uplifting art in a healthcare facility. Coupled with the origami crane motif and it's symbolism of hope and good wishes. The final size of the mobile ended up being 14’ in height by 10’ in diameter.