Black/White - CODAworx


Client: La Guardia Airport

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Jim Nickel


LaGuardia Airport


This work was submitted to the LaGuardia Airport commission as a project design for use in the new airport. It’s made from a large slab of wood with live edges, cut according to geometric and arithmetic progressions, and reassembled in accordance with the internal forces of the material. (Maquette size is 15″ x 31″ x 4″, enamel on American beechwood.) The final piece would be proportionally enlarged, and fabricated using baked enamel bronze sheet with cast bronze edging, simulating the original maquette. Overall size would be approximately 37′ x 16′ x 5′, and set off from on the wall. The piece references merging dualities (either/or, hot/cold, strong/weak, yes/no, chaos/order, etc.) and alerting the viewer to break free of binary states and allow for interplay, fluidity, and continuum.


The goal of the LaGuardia Terminal Project was to encapsulate and express the dynamism and multiplicity of New York City culture in art. This piece references the kind of energy and vitality that infuses our city through the interplay of the dynamic form and the black and white surface.


Fabrication in wood requires engineering to maintain the proportions on a large scale, staying as close as possible to the original intent.