Bird - CODAworx


Submitted by Matthew Csernansky

Client: Deerfield Public Sculpture

Location: Deerfield, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Barry Hehemann

Vector Custom Fabrication


John Csernansky


This Sculpture is called "Bird" it was built from stainless steel and covered in a paint(epoxy) used for bridges. the base is made from steel and painted with the same grade of paint(epoxy). Anchored into the ground with earth anchors allows the installation and movement of the sculpture to be quick and simple.


Flow of movement and color, capturing the hidden beauty often seen in the plumage of birds this sculpture seeks to invigorate the senses of the viewer. "Bird" gives pause to viewer through its dynamic form and the way negative space is championed by the color field only present in it's internal curve