Big Bill/ ResHead - CODAworx

Big Bill/ ResHead

Client: ResMed Corporate Campus

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Michael Stutz

Michael Stutz

Art Consultant

Betsy Lane

Betsy Lane Art


Peter Farrell / Peggy Clifton


Landscape Architect

Jeff Acrea



The 9 foot tall Corten steel head is an enveloping walk-in space. Upon entering the head through a rear portal, one experiences a woven pattern of light and contrast. The sculpture provides a space apart, where one can "get inside another's mind." The scale and connection to the earth compliment the landscape.


The artist worked directly with the owner, landscapers, and an art consultant in choosing the art and the placement in the site. The metal compliments the plantings and can withstand the maintenance issues of exterior works in a garden environment. All parties worked with the conviction that art is an important part of creating a stimulating work environment.


For the ResMed Corporate Campus sculpture garden, The art consultant, Betsy Lane, and the artist Michael Stutz, worked with the C.E.O and collector, Peter Farrell, and his art curator, Peggy Clifton, to create an engaging addition to the site. There were acres of space to consider, so the placing the sculpture close to the building and employee's work zones was integral to it's daily appeal.

Additional Information

The expressive power of linear energy flows through the art, evoking muscles and nerves with potential for action and feeling. The sculptures are internal and external, thus similar to the individual within public space. Scale plays with perspective, while the quality of weaving has an open, feminine ability to allow the experience of passing through and within. This project was completed in June 2013.