Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Bergeron School of Engineering


Paul Stevens

ZAS Architects + Interiors

Industry Resource



As part of York University’s new engineering school, Eventscape was brought in to build a custom exterior sculptural signage piece entitled “The Ring.” This 12-foot-long, three-sided faceted mobius structure was fabricated from stainless steel. The piece was bead blasted to achieve the desired non-directional satin finish followed by sandblasting using a custom triangular pattern to echo the architecture of the building, also designed by ZAS Architects.


ZAS Architects designed both the building and the signage sculpture. This building identification sign was a sculptural work of art that references the ring presented to graduating engineers and the finish complements the building facade.


Eventscape worked with the designers at ZAS to engineer and fabricate this structure. Early on in the project, the design of the mobius ring was slightly adjusted to ensure the letters of the sign were in the best orientation for people entering the building.This mobius form was made up of multiple sections of brake formed triangles creating a faceted surface which twists back on itself. It was detailed with 8 sections that could be welded together to keep the number of polished welded edges to a minimum. Eventscape’s welding team took on the challenge of maintaining the triangular shapes as designed while keeping the sculpture’s artistic form. Even though each triangle was different, each of the connection points had to be identical.The structural integrity of the hollow 1/8” thick stainless steel form meant there was no additional structural support needed on the inside.  After the bead blasted finish was complete, the graphics team created a full size vinyl stencil template to sandblast the surface with the decorative pattern. 

Additional Information

The signage letters were laser jet cut from 1” aluminum and hollowed out with a CNC milling machine to allow for the LED lights to be housed inside each letter. They were finished with an acrylic lens diffuser backing to give a halo lighting effect. Two access panels were incorporated into the shape for electrical wiring access and to attach the standoffs.  Three 2” diameter stainless steel legs were used to support the structure, each welded on the inside of the structure with a triangular gusset and bolted to concrete footings on site. These were covered by the final landscaping.