Bercade Dudali - CODAworx

Bercade Dudali

Submitted by Beju Dudali

Client: Eastwind Development, LLC

Location: West Palm Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $130,000

Project Team



Lejobart Inc.

Fabrication assistant, drone pilot

Freddy Hennevelt


Kinetic Sculpture illustrating Everglades and the Warehouse District.
It’s a sunrise on the Atlantic,
It’s a sunset on the Gulf,
It’s seaweed riding the waves,
It’s a panther ruffling sawgrass,
It’s the Everglades,
It’s a tipi in the prairie,
it’s a peacock’s parade,
It’s a woman reaching for the sky,
It’s my mother,
It’s joyful children playing,
It’s my brother, my sister and me,
It’s a frond on the beach,
It’s the 4th of July on the waterfront,
It’s West Palm Beach,
It’s the warehouse District,
It’s District Flats,
It’s a locomotive puffing along the eastern seaboard,
It’s my knotty guts,
It’s my neurons as I create,
It’s organized chaos,
It’s Dudali’s mind,
It’s Dudali’s mind because it’s me.
Made of copper, glass, concrete, rebar, a sculptures that I created and installed for the “District Flats” apartment complex 1050 Blanche Street, West Palm Beach Florida, USA.


The sculpture is meant to represent the past, the present and the future of the place. The past as the Everglades before humans took possession of the place. Once they did, the slow evolution from the indigenous people to the settlement of migrants. We then imagine the transaction between the farmers who would bring their produce by means of barges to the warehouses for them to be sorted and sent by trains powered by steam locomotives to the entire East Coast of the United States. Finally today, the gradual conversion of the place into a residential district where the residents will be able to work, sleep and play.


First the collaboration between me and artist Muriente to come up with a relatable concept and the creation of a scaled model to present to the client, then to AIPP West Palm Beach for their support of the project. Muriente and I then took on the redaction of a solid contract to establish both our client's rights and responsibilities as well as ours. During installation, clear coordination between the client, the builder and all construction workers is paramount. My approach with them is always as clear as can be in order to gain their flawless cooperation and collaboration when needed. Respect for their schedule as well as constraints within my own was my main concern because communicating openly benefits everyone. Coordinating the schedule to hire skilled workers such as a welder for the most difficult sections and ordering the delivery of the proper supplies such as the glass panels from out of state and the equipment such as cranes and concrete at the right time to keep the project within budget. Finally allow a filmmaker to be on site with the right equipment and permit to fly a drone over the site to record the construction of the project.

Additional Information

A wind powered Kinetic sculpture Dimensions: Wide 21 feet. High 10 feet. Deep 5 feet. Medium: Copper, Glass, Concrete, rebar, LED Lights. Completed March 2021 Location: District Flats 1050 Blanche Street West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, USA