"Behind the Light of the Sun" - Jacob Hashimoto, 2022 - CODAworx

“Behind the Light of the Sun” – Jacob Hashimoto, 2022

Submitted by Superabundant Atmospheres


Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Jacob Hashimoto

Superabundant Atmospheres

Project Management/Design

Wade Cotton

Superabundanat Atmospheres


Jamisen Ogg

Superabundant Atmospheres


Caught in the glowing lobby at the base of Olympia Dumbo, Jacob Hashimoto’s intimate piece, “Behind the Light of the Sun” 2022, quickly ascends up through the space. With smaller-scale kites, each about the size of a postcard, he captures the graphic language of the surrounding area. The subtle white on white prints portray cobblestones, tin ceilings, and architectural motifs, all spilling up and out from the adjacent shoreline. During the day, the piece brings a calm reprieve from the street; at night it glows as if suspended in amber.


While our work is typically seen in large spaces from a distance, this piece gave us the opportunity to experiment with a compact, close-up scale. The piece serves as a familiar greeting for tenants and guests, while also projecting the warm interior of the building out into the plaza.