Beam - CODAworx

Client: Burning Man

Location: Reno, NV, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Benjamin Langholz


Amihay Gonen


Beam is minimal in all regards. A clean white line etched onto the horizon. The W14x99 beam spans a 150′ length with asymmetrical sides and reaches a maximum height of 15′ in the center. Tot total weight of the sculpture is 20,000 lbs. Even with its immense weight, it stands effortless without any wires, or additional supports that would distract from the experience. Because of its length, and minimal connections to the ground, the circumstances appear impossible.

The artwork isn’t what you see, but actually what it feels like when walking across it. The walking surface at 14″ across is in no way difficult to walk on, and isn’t a test of physical balance, but rather an invitation to explore the power the mind has over the body. With each step, the consequences of your actions become greater, and one may find that their mind may affect their ability to continue. But if the mind can be quieted as you progress further from the ground the peak at 15′ high offers the opportunity for a moment of intensified consciousness.


Burning Man 2022


Steel and wood - 46x3.6x4 m - Created and temporarily installed for Burning Man 2022 - Nevada, USA

Additional Information

Lessons learned at a heightened emotional state.