Baudelaire - CODAworx


Submitted by Cynthia Sáenz


Location: Breville, France

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $9,998

Project Team



l’Association ARBBRE

Technical Delegation


l’Association ARBBRE


My Baudelaire horse in wood, oak sculpture of 1.80×0.50×1.10m.
Project created in France in the city of Breville during the 20th Art and Passion for Wood Festival, held from August 20 to 28, 2022.


You arrive with that fear, without knowing what you are going to face, will it be a good piece of wood? Will it work for your project? every moment, that anguish that doesn't stop until they present you with that log, then comes the race against time, you tell yourself I'm going to make it, but you forget that wood has a life of its own and often decides the order of the project, you run into which is a strong material and you need to work it slowly so as not to suffocate your chainsaw.
In the end, you end up grateful because everything went well, time was kind to your effort, achieving the birth of that horse that slept in the trunk of an old oak tree, exhausted by the years.


The process of this work is simple.
The wood is located, abandoned but functional wood for a work of art.
Once the piece is located, the work begins with a chainsaw, grinders, ending with a special sealant to protect the work that would remain outdoors.