Baltimore Zoo Penguins - CODAworx

Baltimore Zoo Penguins

Client: Baltimore Zoo

Location: Baltimore, MD, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Becky Ault

ART Design Group

Industry Resource

ART Research Enterprises, Inc.

Industry Resource

Kathy Hughes

Gecko Group


Life Size African Penguins in Bronze designed by Client and enlarged in Clay by in house artists from photographs


The goals were to have Life Size African Penguin Sculptures cast in Bronze for the entrance to the Maryland Zoo Penguin Exhibit. The sculptures had to be sculpted Portraits of African Penguins that were being exhibited at the Zoo.


The original artwork was enlarged in clay by in house artists from photographs provided by Client. The clients participated in the review and quality control stage of the sculpting. Once approved in clay rubber production molds were produced from the clay originals and a wax pattern was pulled, chased and gated and vented for the ceramic shell process. The shells were then flashed and the bronze was poured into the negative shells. The shells were broken out and debated and prepped for metal chasing. Once the metal chasing was complete the Penguins had a chemical patina color that matched the real African Penguin and a wax sealant was applied.

Additional Information

The Penguins were delivered to the Baltimore Zoo in Maryland and installed by ART Research Enterprises.