Balance of Nature - CODAworx

Balance of Nature

Submitted by Cordell Taylor

Client: Energy Solutions LLC

Location: Salt Lake City, UT, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $65,000

Project Team


Cordell Taylor

Cordell Taylor


Diane Gibson

Energy Solutions, LLC

Interior Designer

Jon Galbraith

Method Studio, Inc


Brent Shimada

Energy Solutions, LLC


Scott Witt

Energy Solutions, LLC


Create a sculpture for an Int’l Corporate Headquarters Reception and Lobby Area. Scale of Artwork 13ft h x 20ft w x 4ft d


The 17th floor 2 Story Lobby had been built out by the previous tenant and had to be demolished. After the Demo and several other Team meetings and discussions, our direction was solidified and Models and Ideas were provide by each participating person and the scale of the artwork was determined. One of our goals was to bring Nature inside. Next was to decide How to integrate the Artwork and the space itself together with each other and then Finally what is the Viewers involvement with the Artwork.


Several approaches were discussed prior to our Final Design. The 17th floor Lobby, 2 Stories high, demanded a sculpture of massive proportion causing the Challenge and the questions to reorient to "How to get this scale and fit it all in an elevator and move it up 17 floors and through several corridors to be installed?" This added Energy to the discussions and actually helped to bring us together on how we could make this Space; Inviting, Intriguing and Involving.