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Back to Front

Client: Tridel

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $850,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Brad Golden

Brad Golden + Co

Industry Resource

Dave Milum

AOD Stone


‘Back to Front’, consists of monolithic granite structures that sense changing levels of light and the movement of shadow within the park. People walk through the park, trees shift and the sun, casting dynamic shadows. These shadows are sensed by the artwork and transferred through the depth of the granite structure. Images are revealed by controlling an array of LED lights, which are diffused by glass lenses embedded within the stone. The aim is to create an enjoyable and dynamic experience for pedestrians, which reflects the changing weather fronts that envelop the city.


Back to Front sits at the centre of Tridel’s condominium development at 300 Front West (Toronto). It provides a focal point while contributing movement and animation through the landscape. The artwork aims to provide a sense of place and is an iconic feature that connects people with their environment. It delivers the goals of injecting life into the park as well as being a beautiful piece that gives the space a unique identity. To fulfil the intention to create a cohesive experience within the park, Jason Bruges Studio carefully selected a colour palette and materials to marry with the existing architecture. The interactive monoliths are made from local Torontonian granite.


Jason Bruges Studio worked closely with collaborators and stakeholders across the project programme. They attended a number of meetings in Toronto, including site visits and overseeing the final installation of the artwork. The studio chose to collaborate on the fabrication and installation with a number of Toronto based contractors and suppliers. They liaised with these parties regularly as an extended part of the core team in order to bring the project to completion. Jason Bruges Studio professionally manage all of our suppliers with back to back contracts to ensure our pieces are delivered on budget, on time and to the high standards of finish we expect.

Additional Information

Back to Front has a 25 year design life with built custom electronic components that can be easily swapped out and upgraded as necessary. It has been delivered with a full maintenance contract and five year warranty.