Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Col - CODAworx

Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Col

Client: Avista Adventist Hospital via Nancy Noyes

Location: Louisville, CO, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

design and glass

Cathy Shepherd


aluminum creation

Kirby Hicks


art consultant

Nancy Noyes



Our In-ground, fused glass and aluminum sculpture stands 36″ by 54″. It needed to commemorate the heroism of the staff at Avista Adventist Hospital which was engulfed in flames during the Marsh Fires Dec. 2021. Everyone was saved and even reopened 2 weeks later due to staff involvement. Joined Together, designed by Cathy Shepherd, was chosen by the board and it was unveiled during their ceremony Jan 19, 2023. Many thanks to Kirby Hicks who created the Aluminum and Nancy Noyes, the art consultant.


The sculpture needed to FEEL the emotions of many people working together selflessly to help others. It was proposed for an outdoor location so the metal needed a protective coating. The Glass needed to be thick to withstand weather. Size limits were met in the overall sketches.


Once Nancy notified me of the project, designs on paper were submitted to the hospital board. Nancy then sent the image chosen and date of installation required. I then drew a life-size sketch. My glass was created and handed over to my metal artist, Kirby. He cut, welded and fitted the glass and even drove the sculpture to the hospital. An installer met him there to fix the piece into the ground. However, they were so impressed with the piece that they decided to move it into the atrium for ALL to enjoy.