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AUTOPLAST: Tail Light Swarm and Side Mirror Hive by Amy Landesberg

Submitted by San Diego International Airport


Client: San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $675,000

Project Team


Amy Landesberg

Amy Landesberg


Lauren Lockhart

San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

Industry Resource

Melvyn Green

Melvyn Green

Industry Resource

Allen Morris

Stability Engineering

Industry Resource

Shatone, LLC

Shatone, LLC

Industry Resource

James Augustin

Austin Commercial


AUTOPLAST, a 2 part installation, explores our disposition to cars through a strategic refiguration of some of their parts. Initiated from the notion that there are so many cars in motion that they have taken on a life of their own, the project models imagined natural behaviors.


It is critical to the mission of the Arts Program at San Diego International Airport that artists be commissioned to create site-specific, architecturally integrated public artworks that enhance the airport environment and customer experience. AUTOPLAST possesses a playful, yet sophisticated responsiveness to its context, as it imaginatively transforms familiar objects relevant to the site.


Landesberg was an integral member of the design team, collaborating with the architect to identify the most impactful location to site her project, and ultimately working with the team to design a subtly angled wall to support a swarm of tail lights, and a dramatic niche to nestle massive hive forms within. Each installation enlivens the facility with energy and perceived movement.

Additional Information

AUTOPLAST is highly accessible and resonates strongly with its intended audience. This is evidenced by the positive feedback received from staff employed at the site and the traveling public, as well as numerous social media posts celebrating the unexpected delight the work brings to an otherwise routine journey.