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Healing Waters

Client: Atrium Health

Location: Stallings, NC, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team

Director of Consulting/Art Consultant for entire Atrium Health Union West project

Jodi Fernandez

Skyline Art

Vice President and Facility Executive

Seth Goldwire

Atrium Health Union West

Bullseye Glass vendor/pre-cut many glass circles

Brad Walker

Warm Glass [Bullseye Glass Distributor]

Hang Your Glass Founder/Provided glass wall mounts

Poppy Mussallem

Hang Your Glass


Healing Waters, wall of mounted water glass rounds, elevates the new Atrium Health Union West Emergency Department experience for the patients, family, and staff.

Working with the AHUW and Skyline Art project leaders’ vision, Jarvi created 23 mesmerizing water-inspired glass rounds (from 3” to 16” in diameter) that stand off (varying depths) from the teal wall.

This meandering design activates the space and offers calm focus through water memories and other connections. As the first thing one sees upon entering the Emergency Dept., it’s an integral part of the AHUW focus on healing. Utilizing original art and design work throughout improves the hospital experience for everyone.

AHUW is more a “boutique hotel” feel than “hospital” complex. It is all by design, and includes incredible outside spaces too.

Many artists with Charlotte, NC connections were commissioned for site specific work. Both the Hospital and Medical Office Building (where Jarvi has another water glass rounds commission) are beautiful and welcoming spaces for all!

Atrium Health seeks to improve health, elevate hope and advance healing through providing healthcare and other community benefits. Their Union West Medical Complex is a new template — where custom art and design are key.


Intentional gorgeous design and use of original art were the focus of the Atrium Health Union West Medical Office Building and Hospital spaces.

These two glass commissions needed to be stunning… eye-catching from afar and lovely up close.

Both the AHUW wall mounted water glass composites flow across the wall, conjuring memories of water, in both calming and energizing ways.

Client wanted custom art to activate and beautify these spaces, as well as contribute to the healing process, connecting us as humans to one another and nature around.

This is even more important in their Emergency Dept. Whether sitting, waiting, or just moving through, Jarvi’s glass distracts and entertains patients, families, and staff as one of the first things they see in the ER.

Brighter blues and bolder graphic design was desired for this project. Using opaque with more translucent and transparent glass — which allows the “teal” background to peek through — makes “Healing Waters” jump off the wall. Yet, it also has quiet details to draw one in.

Additionally, Skyline Art/Jodi Fernandez wanted Jarvi’s color palette to work with other commissioned art in/near spaces. They requested a “softer” version of moving water for the Medical Office Building on same AHUW complex.


Skyline Art/Jodi Fernandez contacted Carmella Jarvi in early 2021. Fernandez and several Skyline Art folks, met the artist at a Charlotte group show with her glass. They were able to see her work in person, and how it impacts a space.

After the artist was given AHUW renderings, and interior design samples, she explored glass color samples, overall compositions in the space and how to key off the interior plans.

Contract/final glass design/colors/budget were finalized in late summer. After contracts were signed, the artist worked on both AHUW commission glass parts (although one was getting more attention at a time). This creative work included using her vitrigraph kiln for the “hot glass” stringers (the undulating “lines”).

Carmella Jarvi did most of the work and design, with a little help. Her husband/fellow artist/business partner, Chris Craft, assisted with some logistics, and repetitive glass processes.

Jarvi uses Bullseye Glass (Made in OR). Warm Glass (in NC) is her BE supplier, and they pre-cut glass circles too.

Jarvi loves and exclusively uses Hang Your Glass (CA) wall mounts.

Finally, Mitchell Kearney Photography professionally captures her glass installations. (Shot of artist in studio is by Zaire Folson.)

Additional Information

Jarvi was commissioned by Skyline Art for three large pieces at the same time. (There was a third project for hospital outside of Houston.) Original proposals were 20 rounds, each. Final commissions ended up with more glass rounds.