Submitted by FAITH XLVII



Location: Värmland, Sweden

Completion date: 2017

Project Team




Lyall Sprong


Zane Meyer

Chop 'em down films


As part of the 2017 Artscape Festival, Faith XLVII joins Lyall Sprong deep in the forests of Värmland to create an immersive site specific installation. The piece pays homage to our great timekeepers and the ancient internal rhythms that predate the construct of time, an ode to our connection with the external forces that define us.


We aimed to create an immersive art piece that connected people with nature.


I had had the idea of the moon hologram for two years, and had been waiting for the right opportunity to realize it. When I was approached to paint a mural in Sweden for a public art festival, I immediately requested to do an installation in the forest. I worked remotely with Lyall Sprong on the idea and he created several tests in South Africa . Eventually we settled on a process. All of this was very experimental and we were never 100% sure if we could pull it off as there were so many variables in this project including the forest location itself, being organic and unpredictable . After very meticulous work in Sweden we achieved the installation I had envisioned. Cloaked figures led small groups of people into the forest with torchlights in the deep night.
Once they reached a certain point we stopped and then the moon slowly appeared through the trees. After three minutes of silence the moon disappeared again and we walked them back out of the forest. I believe the experience to have been very personal for the participants.