Astron - CODAworx


Submitted by Peter Krsko

Client: The City of Austin

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Anna Bradley

The City of Austin, Cultural Arts Division


Nathan Nordstrom


Peter Krsko


Materials: Pine lumber, acrylic paint and spraypaint
Dimensions: 14'W X 14'D X 16'H
Collaboration with Nathan “SLOKE ONE” Nordstrom. Installed in Longview Neighborhood Park and Edward Rendon Sr Park in Austin, TX. Commissioned by Cultural Arts Division Austin.


The goal was to create a piece of public art for a neighborhood with a limited access to public spaces. The viewer was invited to walk into the sculpture, look up, and meditate about the astral space we are a part of. It was enthusiastically received by the neighbors.


After we surveyed the location, the detailed technical drawing was produced and approved by the structural engineer and the Arts Commission. The piece was constructed and painted in the studio and then transported in three sections to the site.

Additional Information

Video describing the sculpture: