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Assen van Assen

Submitted by Matthias Oostrik

Client: Municipality of Assen

Location: Assen, Netherlands

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Matthias Oostrik

Public Art Agent

Marco Cops



type: interactive light installation
materials: steel, led, acrylic
dimensions w*h*d: 34 x 2 x 0.25 meter
runtime: infinite
media: 1 channel video, 2 channel optic sensor
number of led lights: 10.209
software used: C , OpenFrameworks


The interactive light installation Assen van Assen depicts the exchange of energy between the rural east side and the urban west side of the city of Assen. It is situated in a pedestrian and bicycle passage underneath the city's main train station.

The design of Assen van Assen is inspired by the city's layout. Made from corroded steel, the surface is crossed by a network of light: A glossy drawing of the surrounding streets, entangled by a maze of glowing channels that pulsate with waves of blue and white light.

The light of Assen van Assen is activated by its visitors. People who enter the passage trigger a wave of light. This wave surges over the network, where it branches out and eventually coalesces into a gentle undercurrent. Each visitor experiences a unique play of light that mirrors both their own movement as the movement of life and energy in the city.


Assen van Assen is a project by Matthias Oostrik in collaboration with Happy Tunnel and commissioned by the City of Assen.
Design by Matthias Oostrik, Matthijs ten Berge and Jasper Klinkhamer. Project Management by Wiseguys. Technical design and construction by Spectro Productions. Led technology by Invent Design. Construction by J. Boonzaaijer contracting company. Software by Matthias Oostrik. Photography and video by Michel Boulogne.