Aspen Grove - CODAworx

Aspen Grove

Submitted by Wimberley Glassworks

Client: Granite Properties

Location: Greenwood Village, CO, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $78,000

Project Team


Allison Brandt

Open Studio Architecture


Tim de Jong

Wimberley Glassworks


Inspired by the natural beauty of Colorado, Aspen Grove is made of 52 unique clear pendants that provide a neutral accent to the entry hall of Granite Place at Village Center. Each pendant was made unique by blowing molten glass into the center of a large aspen log. As the log burns, it creates the intricate sparkling texture that is accented by the architectural lighting.


The goal of this project was to give structure to an otherwise open space. The shape of the installation is the same width as the hallway and it angles towards the door, extending the hallway and inviting you in to the rest of the building.
The glass primarily provides texture, as the clear tones pick up the aspen-like color present in the rest of the space, giving it a light an airy feel while speaking to the rest of the space.


This project was limited in both space and budget, so we worked with the architects and the property owners to create a piece which would look substantial without reading as monolithic and heavy. We opted to architecturally light the piece to not only reduce the budget, but to reduce the visual weight of it and giving it a light and airy quality by using our custom coated aircraft cable.

Additional Information

Each piece is inherently unique because as the log is used, it slowly burns, altering the shape of the mold. In order to be able to extract the piece of glass from the log, the log is split in two essentially creating a two part mold.