"Ascent" 57ft high Glass Tower - CODAworx

“Ascent” 57ft high Glass Tower


Location: Lincoln, NE, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team

Industry Resource

Derix Glasstudios


Jun Kaneko Studio

Industry Resource

Commonwealth Electric Company

Industry Resource

Stahl- und Metallbau Mirko Wimmer


“Ascent” is located at Tower Square at 13th and P streets in Lincoln (NE). The art piece is composed of 80 individually designed art glass panels (each approx. 2’ wide and 7’27” tall). The panels are made of colored flash and opaque glass pieces that are laminated to a base sheets of tempered laminated glass which has an opaque interlayer of PVB film. The tower is structured with steel members with components to secure the glass panels. The interior of the column is illuminated with LED lights that are secured to the steel frame.