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Ascending Focus

Client: GreenStreet Houston

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Project Manager

Lea Weingarten

Weingarten Art Group

Katrina Buerger


Chris Seckinger



Martha Foo


Louise Skou


Ascending Focus is an interactive augmented reality installation from the series of work titled Format 3 created by Danish artist duo Louise Foo and Martha Skou.

Composed of 81 “Sound Symbols,” Ascending Focus utilizes three basic shapes at various scales mapped to sound samples from their corresponding elements – square, circle, triangle/earth, water, fire. This installation combines graphic elements, virtual objects, and sound to create spatial experiences.

Visitors can create their own unique soundscapes by downloading the Format3 app. The app uses augmented reality to activate the symbols with their corresponding sound. Visitors can use the app to manipulate the pitch, tone, and duration of the sound played by each symbol and can even activate multiple symbols, resulting in unique soundscapes as they explore the artwork.

This installation was commissioned specifically for the first-floor lobby of GreenStreet, a 4 city block urban mixed-use destination comprised of entertainment, fitness, hospitality, dining, and office in Downtown Houston.


After a recently completed modern renovation, GreenStreet sought to commission an installation that would echo the design and architectural elements of the space and communicate a creative yet professional environment.

Foo/Skou was chosen to activate the large lobby wall with a goal to install a unique, engaging, and interactive artwork that compliments the aesthetics of the space. GreenStreet sought to select an installation that would also encourage gathering and exploration for both tenants and visitors.


Foo/Skou first presented a selection of three potential ideas for this installation to begin the commission process. After review by the project team, Ascending Focus was selected, and preparations for install began. When it was time for installation, the artists flew to Houston to complete the installation of each individual vinyl element, determining the ideal placement to bring the space to life.