"Ascend" McDonogoh Memorial to Enlaved peoples Past & Present - CODAworx

“Ascend” McDonogoh Memorial to Enlaved peoples Past & Present

Client: Oletha DeVane

Location: Owings Mills, MD, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

General Manager

Benjamin Blaney

ART Research Enterprises


Oletha DeVane


Produced in High Chromium Stainless Steel for artist Oletha DeVane for McDonogoh School in Owings Mills Maryland. 14′ Tall 2022


“The Memorial to Those Enslaved and Freed is meant to make the lives of Black people who were enslaved by John McDonogh visible. The people whose names are on the wall were laborers, teachers, ministers, healers, farmers, and children who we now know and acknowledge. They were part of the nation’s wealth-building and will no longer be silenced. The memorial represents the collective journey to embrace the contributions and the lives of many individuals—their achievement, resistance, and spiritual resilience came at a high cost in the moral darkness of America.” Oletha DeVane


Produced Rubber production molds from artist clay sculpted original patterns. Lost wax cast over 200 unique castings and assembled with the direction of the artist.