AREA15 - CODAworx


Submitted by Panasonic Connect

Client: Panasonic Connect

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Projector & Display Product Engineering

Panasonic Corporation of North America

Creative Design & Space



AREA15 collaborated with Panasonic Connect, and the many artists supporting the world’s first purpose-built experiential event and entertainment district in Las Vegas, transporting visitors to new lands – from an immersive event, to a concert hall to the world of Van Gogh. To create the immersive and interactive entertainment experiences today’s consumers crave, high-performance projection technology is a necessity, which is why AREA15 turned to Panasonic Connect’s high-brightness 4K laser projectors, such as the PT-RQ35KU 3-Chip DLP® 4K SOLID SHINE laser projector. Panasonic Connect’s projection technology enables many different immersive experiences within the unique experiential destination of AREA15: WILD: The World’s First Virtual Safari seen at Illuminarium Experiences, Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience within the walls of the AREA15 Portal and throughout Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart – with each experience blending art and building design to fully bring visitors into completely new and unexpected environments. The 4K projectors also transform The Portal, a flexible 7,500 square foot, 360-projection mapped room into an artist’s oasis or even a most amazing corporate event.


Even before the pandemic, the demand for immersive experiences was high. As audiences return to in-person outings, their immersive expectations have grown. Audiences are now looking for communal entertainment that can transport them to a new place or allow them to experience life in a new light. Art is transformational and projection technology enables artists to completely reimagine how their work is defined, created and presented to bring new experiences to consumers, while inspiring the next generation of artists. For AREA15, the merging of technology and artwork is imperative to bringing guests through their doors every day. Developing an immersive space through art – whether bringing classic, iconic art works to life in new and imaginative ways, like Van Gogh, or out-of-the-box experiences like Meow Wolf – has been core to the overall design, and success of AREA15. Visitors are now able to absorb familiar art beyond the canvas and ultimately transform their perception of what art truly is.


AREA15 knew that in order to meet visitors’ expectations for artistic creativity, it needed partners that embrace the fusion of art and technology. AREA15 worked alongside Panasonic Connect to create a fully immersive entertainment space through software development, engineering, projection design, show-quality support, projectors and more to provide seamless 360-degree visual experiences. Panasonic Connect laser projectors’ bring simplified transportation, quick and flexible installation and adjustment, while its vibrant color capabilities and reliable operation delivers up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free projection. Having streamlined solutions to enable crisp image quality and floor to ceiling projection mapping, AREA15 collaborated with artistic partners like Illuminarium Experiences, Meow Wolf, and Bart Kresa Studio, who knew these visual technologies would ensure their artistic visions were brought to life, just how they imagined. And they were right – visitors now have the opportunity to experience vibrant, high quality art at sizes never before seen from all angles of the room. By combining the artistic collaborators’ artwork with Panasonic Connect’s high-performance projection technology, visitors are transformed to completely new realities.