ARCUS LUX for the first French cathedral of the 21st century in Paris/Creteil - CODAworx

ARCUS LUX for the first French cathedral of the 21st century in Paris/Creteil

Submitted by Udo Zembok

Client: Diocese of Creteil/Paris

Location: Paris/Creteil, France

Completion date: 2024

Artwork budget: $200

Project Team

architectural design

Alain Bretagnole

AS.Architecture Studio, Paris


Jan W Peters

Peters Glass Studios, Paderborn


A multidimensional artwork of light, color and space, including the ever moving dynamics of the sunlight, brought to visual perception through colored glass filters. The architectural body of this highly symbolic space is designed as two shell-like wooden volumes meeting in a narrow curved glass skylight, which form a monumental chromatic light arc. The architectural project provided the spatial context and a huge projection wall for our ‘light paintings’. A spatial painterly glass-arc, 22 m high, 57 m long and 2,20 m wide, peaking at the zenith and rooted in the east and west bases of the building, meets an ongoing process of sunlight metamorphosises through daytimes in seasonal contexts. Space meets time.


By creating this double entity, one physical and the second immaterial, we re-interprete the fascinating light and space experiences of the ancient gothic cathedrals of Europe. Our artistic proposition invites the viewer to enter an overall perceptual experience, that might help the depth of prayer by visualizing the mystery of light incarnation.
The process started in 2016, and it's end cannot be defined, as the nature of the project includes optical phenomenas in perpetual evolution.


We designed the conceptual principals of this project. The architectes provided all geometrical drawings for the developpement of our chromatic glass arc. By nature, the action of the moving sunlight, as the second of our ''materials'', couldn't be designed in advance, so the factor chance also entered into our overall design process.
Under our artistic direction, Peters Glass Studios executed all glass involving works.