Archipelagos - CODAworx


Submitted by Franck Sarfati

Client: The Brussels Parliament

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $19,000

Project Team


sarfati franck

VIVA sprl

The Brussels Parliament

vissers hilde


The white of the porcelain as an evocation of the blue of the oceans.
On one side, the archipelagos, which according to the philosopher Edouard Glissant, bring people together while the continents divide them.
On the other side, the jellyfish, creatures both sublime and disturbing, of absolute elegance, strangely ecological, theoretically immortal, carried wherever the currents take them.
A clear and calm universe that rests us from the turmoil and roughness of the world.
Several large installations – from 239 to 487 sculptures (276 x 102 in.), made of glazed Limoges porcelain. are on display at The Brussels Parliament and other places.


The installations are always conceived following strictly the chosen area.
Integration is therefore fundamental to express the subject - the philosophy - of the project and the formal research.

Additional Information

The repetition of gestures, as a well known artistic process (Peter Dreher, Niele Toroni, Aurélie Nemours, Ad Reinhardt,…), connects me to the craftsman more than the “Machine-Man”. Each piece is unique in shape, size, structure and appearance. Variations of this work, hand-made embossed on Awagami Hakuho paper.