Arbor for Claymont - CODAworx

Arbor for Claymont

Client: Delaware Dept. of Transportation

Location: Claymont, DE, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $240,000

Project Team

Glass Fabricator

Jaime Caballeros

Pulp Studios, Gardena, CA

General Contractor

Jason Hershey

Wagman Heavy Civil, York, PA


Arbor for Claymont is a series of 8 art enhancements for the windscreen shelters on the platforms at the new Claymont Station. The public art consists of beautiful, stylized compositions of views into trees, printed and fused into the windscreen glass along the backside of each shelter.

The project’s compositions are each unique and complete on their own, but with enough similarities of style, palette, and subject to create a sense of cohesion between the separate shelters. The same series of compositions will be used on each side of the track channel, creating matching sets on each platform. Each single composition will utilize all three sections of glass windscreen in a shelter, filling the back of the shelter with artwork. The artglass will have areas of clear glass, areas of translucent color, and some opaque white outlines within the artwork.


The intent of the public art is to integrate an encounter with nature, a touch, within the rest of the station experience. Imagine the experience of the traveler, the commuter, arriving at the station by car or bus, then standing out on the platform, ready to travel to Wilmington, Philadelphia, or beyond. Arbor for Claymont is designed to introduce an alternative experience, an opportunity to remember the presence of nature and our relationship with it. The artwork will subtly add a flourish of new color, of growth, of the living into the open air wait for the train.