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Aqualens at Nunnally House

Submitted by Allison Armour

Client: Southeast Georgia Health System

Location: Brunswick, GA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $110,000

Project Team


Allison Armour

Allison Armour Art

Industry Resource

Bob Kaplan

California Quality Plastics

Industry Resource

Katrina Pesl

Allison Armour Art


The Aqualens design: 2ft diameter acrylic sphere situated in 8ft 316 stainless steel dish. Aqualens overflows into another pool to create a beautiful waterfall sound.


The main goal in the project was to create a warm, peaceful and healing environment and landscape for cancer patients and families of critical care patients within the Southeast Georgia Healthcare System. The Nunnally House provides a temporary home to these clients and creates a safe space that offers a bit of respite from their taxing and monotonous daily lives. Nunnally House's project was for a healing yet introspective artwork, and led me to design this custom Aqualens with falling water. The gentle fall of the water creates a mesmerizing and soothing landscape.


What ultimately aided this project was my previous experience commissioning artwork for other healthcare gardens, i.e. healing hospice gardens, end of life residential care gardens, and hospital courtyards. The collaboration process with my client was successful and trusting. The mutual respect between us really helped throughout the whole process, especially when it came time to get the final design proposal approved.

Additional Information

To this day, my client likes to send me updated photos of the Aqualens changing with the seasons. In each new email I receive, he is always happy to tell me how much the residents love the fountain and how he sees this through the influx of residents spending more time outside near the fountain.