Anemone Canopy - CODAworx

Anemone Canopy

Client: Oppidan

Location: Albany, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team





ADBC Architecture


The Anemone Canopy, creates an immersive pedestrian experience that transforms the everyday into something unexpected, inspiring and contemplative. Anemone is inspired in part by the California native Anemone plant. Known as the “windflower” or “daughter of the wind” (from the Greek word anemos – the wind), the plant’s long stems suspend delicate translucent petals of vibrant color. Another inspiration for the canopy were gothic fan vaults which give visitors the impression of walking through a light-filtering forest canopy.


Anemone creates a restful place to engage in conversation with neighbors, or a moment of pause to enjoy the animated play of light and shadow created by the artwork’s intricate geometric structure.


Anemone's perforated shade panels are made of Corian, while the framework is made of custom bent steel tube.