Alteryx - CODAworx


Submitted by OZ Architecture

Client: Alteryx

Location: Broomfield, CO, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Kelly Davis

OZ Architecture


Amanda Johnson

OZ Architecture

Interior Designer

Cally Dalton

OZ Architecture


Gamma Acosta

Gamma Gallery




Alteryx, a “big data” tech company, has moved and expanded into a 20,000 square foot space in the Interlocken business park. The space fosters “agile program development” and scrum team spaces while providing multiple, technology-friendly breakout zones. An open break room includes bleachers for any “all-hands” meetings or large group presentations. The architectural background was kept relatively neutral so the emphasis could be placed on the staggered walls and collaborative spaces. Local graffiti artists were commissioned to add art to the existing concrete core and columns.


Our initial conceptualization and goals for this 20,000 SF space stemmed from having a creative, atypical client in a traditional setting and we strategized creative ways in which to transform this environment into a distinctive workplace for Alteryx. One prominent existing element of the space was the exposed concrete ceiling and columns and, together with the client, we decided to utilize this as a canvas for commissioned artwork in an edgy, urban design style that aligned with Alteryx’s brand. This artwork was quickly realized to be the dominant feature in the space and, in turn, we designed a bold but neutral background to allow the artwork to become the main focus of the design.


Our team’s goal was to design impactful images that would boldly showcase Alteryx’s identity as well as excite and energize the staff in what could otherwise have been a typical, uninspiring office environment. The imagery chosen by the artists and designers – The Thinker, a portrait of Albert Einstein, a bird taking flight, hexagons and chemical formulas - are reflective of the “quick thinking” that Alteryx is involved with every day as a tech company and creatively displays their brand. The Einstein portrait was designed to incorporate coding specifically used by Alteryx and is located in a prominent collaboration area where employees gather for critical thinking. The Thinker resides adjacent to the break room and bleacher seating, another atypical amenity space employee’s use as a focus space. These concepts and defined locations were communicated to the artist and the final artwork was a manifestation of collaborative creativity between client, architect and artist.