Altered States Of Light Vol1 - CODAworx

Altered States Of Light Vol1

Submitted by Aliya Orr

Client: Hyundai Motor Studio

Location: Seoul, Korea, Republic of

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Aliya Orr

Light Society


Sakchin Bessette

Light Society

Industry Resource



Altered States of Light Vol 1 is an experiment in accelerating movement between the visible and the invisible. It takes the form of a room-sized device. Staged in a glazed street front at a busy intersection in Seoul, twenty-nine pillars of holographic matter are arranged into a labyrinth for light and visitors.


Hyundai Motor Studio is a multifunctional space with a coffee shop, library and exhibitions spaces. The main gallery area is surrounded by windows on the corner of a busy intersection in downtown Seoul. It was vital that the piece could live within this context and be informed and responsive to the presence of city life.


We worked in a small team as both artist and designers of the piece. Fabrication was done in both Canada and from a distance in Seoul.