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All Night Long We Heard Birds Passing

Submitted by Lydia Rubio


Client: Miami Dade County Art in Public Places

Location: Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2001

Project Team


Lydia Rubio

LR Studio Inc

Industry Resource

Ralph Provisero & Ben Levin

LR Studio Inc

Industry Resource

Dan Gilroy

Paradise Water Jet


A linear narrative with words quoted from the journal of Columbus originated this concept for the art work, Columbus sailed the same waters traveled by the cruise ships. The text and title of the piece is interwoven in 12 high aluminum relief letters between the paintings and sculptures : “All night long we heard birds passing” . Aluminum sculptures, water jet cut sheets and riveted.
9 water birds of Florida, two ships. The oil on aluminum paintings represent the skies of Miami. The work explores journey as transformation, growth and self-discovery.
Overall dimensions: 10 x 210 x 6 feet deep.


The concept: a scroll like format, a narrative text, intercalating paintings and sculptures, a linear installation was designed specifically to fit and enhance a 200 feet long by 9 feet high wall within the terminal building. The natural light filtering from the large canvas ceiling structure helped emphasize the linear nature of the aluminum sculptures.The sculptures and paintings are perfectly integrated to the existing color scheme of the terminal and the walls.


The design process was based on drawings and maquettes of the sculptures and of the existing Terminal building. Cardboard templates were developed for each bird piece, like origamis, then the shapes were drawn and sent to be cut out of standard aluminum sheets. The sections were assembled, riveted, finished and installed by the artist with assistants.

Additional Information

The six oil paintings range in sizes from 6 feet to 9 feet high. The supports are sandwich aluminum corrugated core panels fabricated by Conservation Art, LA The sculptures were assembled from waterjet cut aluminum sheets, folded, turned and riveted. The sculptures range in size from 6 feet wide to 10 feet in length, they are set high in space and flat against the walls to avoid projecting into the terminal corridor.