"Aerial Roots" - CODAworx

“Aerial Roots”

Submitted by Krista Shiner

Client: Patron in Colorado

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $4,800

Project Team


Krista Shiner

Shiner Studios

Interior Designer

Mikhail Dantes



The painting was created using a combination of concrete for texture, iron metal paint, patina and oil paints. The “rust”colors are actually real rust using a controlled patina process. The frame is cherry wood from the Amish country in the eastern U.S. from a local carpenter who goes to that area every year to bring back wood from the lumberers of the area.


The piece was purchased by an art collector.I'm uncertain of what she felt when she saw it, or where she planned to hang it.


A collection of paintings was on consignment at TOWN Studio in the Denver Design Center. Offering designers and collectors the ability to see artwork within a space alongside other artwork and high end furnishings. The piece was sold to a local collector through TOWN Studio.

Additional Information

Artwork such as this and other pieces can be completed as an installation on a variety of surfaces for both residential and commercial projects or something similar can be created as a commission on canvas. This piece is also available in a limited edition of prints.